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How To Grow Fitness Business in 2021

Are you a gym owner or planning to open the gym? Handling a bunch of processes might be tough for you at the same time!! Have you ever think about the technology that can enhance the growth of your Fitness Business. Why not? It is 2021, a whole new era of the digital world, then why the Fitness Business should not be digital? Digital Trends Tools has given us plenty of software that can automate or a lot of processes and save our valuable time as well. So, why one should not leverage the power of management software to run the Fitness Business smoothly?

 Fitness Business

This process can take care of several business operations with ease with the touch of a button. Whether you are holding a gym (Fitness Business) or planning to own one in 2021, you should be smart enough or digitally aware to go with the gym management software. It is an explication not only for the gym members but also for the gym owners.

The studies have shown that gym and fitness management software can increase revenue by 34% and increase customer retention by 28%. It saves almost Four hours a day in the admin time. What else can one business desire to expand its business growth? The gym management software lets you concentrate on growing the other essential parts that can enhance profit and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Its plan and policies for the betterment of the gym if utilized appropriately can help your Fitness Business to sustain itself for longer in a market. Even the soundness and the reliability it holds have increased the confidence of the gym owners and have boosted the striking bounds and leaps. It offers 24 Hours of help and support, thus improving customer retention and the future brand image.

Recently, the gym management systems are very popular or in trends to intensify the distinctiveness and the market share among their competitors. Undoubtedly, it has established a niche market and is a place in the heart of the business people.

Here, in this article, I will highlight the benefits of the gym management software in Fitness Business supports that can drive your business towards success. Let’s start!!

Benefits Of Gym Management Software To Grow Fitness Business

 Fitness Business

Gym management software is an online platform, which helps manage or schedule membership bookings, payment, class schedules, etc. It provides you a self-service through which you can track or analyze the attendance of employees, plans their diet and schedule and keeps them updated through SMS & Emails.

Every Fitness Business has its own set of priorities. While some emphasize a CRM and review process others are keen on optimizing or analyzing their training sessions.


Gym management software follows the concept of integrated billing. In which, management becomes very seamless, and it lows your stress level about any administrative stuff. Using the integrated billing, duplicate typing can eliminate that will surely will minimize the mistakes.

This system can automatically manage inventory or analyze accounts also. It can be combined with several accounting systems to abolish the double-entry of information. The cloud-driven approach can easily support the online and offline bills and services repeatedly with additional operations in Fitness Business.

Even it offers to avail discounts, refunds, one-off transactions, renewals, and free trials. This billing system can handle the cash flow more effectively and easily as contrasted to non-automated counterparts. Also, the complete process reduces the level of errors or mistakes made in manpower, gathering costs and quotes, then forming invoices.


Integrating the 24X7 Hour Gym access control can increase gym member retention or Fitness Business growth. Boost your gym revenue without adding more staff and overhead costs. It is a secure and automatic solution that blends the tracking system and the door access hardware.

Manage your Fitness Business even when you are away or and save your time and effort with this gym management software very cost-effectively. Be a tough competitor in the market and give a more satisfying user experience to trainees and staff members.


The accurate or scheduled gym management system will definitely cater to you with the best member experience with its extensive membership dashboard. It offers exclusive discounts and offers and customizes them accordingly as per the Business Requirement.

The software automates the creation and sign-ups and increases the membership numbers with easy website integration. As a membership member, you can check the new plans, services and package to gain access.

If you are a gym owner or into Fitness Business, you can check the members’ account status, billing information, upcoming booking. Make electronic communication, and purchase easy with gym management software.

Analysis Cash-Flow

Hassle-free analytic services and reporting are assured with the reporting system that the gym management system offers. You can check every individual detail of the payments or transitions done by the customers (payment date, membership, and the payment gateway).

It assists in tracking the commissionaire sales of your staff. The reporting can be of payments, expenses, payment dues, customer transitions, and memberships, etc. You can send notifications to the customers if they have pending payments and details about their recurring payments.

Facilitate Feedback System Into Your Gym

Feedback is vital or important for your business. It gives you an insight into what is working and what needs to be improved in your Fitness BusinessGetting feedback for your Fitness  Business is no exception.

You can use the fitness management software to create short surveys and send them to your members or customers, asking for their input.

Strategic Planning For Your Sky Rocket Gym Growth

“The biggest shifts in business come from working on yourself.”

Strategic Planning is crucial for any business, but it is incredibly important how you work on it.  Being in the fitness industry many of you want your gym growth a skyrocket but are you following proper planning and strategy? It’s always a challenge for a gym owner to find the best strategic planning that can increase your gym growth.

Here in this article, I will disclose to you some point for proper planning and strategy that will help you in your gym business growth:

strategic planning for gym growth

  • Overview of your gym business

Overview of business is one of the most important steps. Because before making a strategy and planning for a gym business it is important to find out a brief overview of your gym including your mission, vision and values, and key metrics/performance indicators of your business. So that it will be easy for you to understand where your business stand currently.

  • SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is often used in decision making, as it brings a structured analysis that can be applied to the various decision options in a business. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. SWOT analysis compares external strengths and weaknesses with external opportunities and threats for the purpose of identifying strategies for the business. So, don’t forget to make a SWOT analysis of your gym business.

  •  Leveraging Technology To Discover Your Strategy

Leverage the technology to discover your gym strategy. For that, you can use various platforms of social media to know your customers. You can also get the best Gym Membership Management Software which will make it easy for you to interact with your customers.

  •  Know your gym members and make your plan

The best way to increase your gym growth is to know what your gym members want from your gym. When you help your gym members get what they want they will stay longer, be more engaged and also recommend others. So, focus strategy and planning on what your gym members really want.

  •  Knowing the right time

Knowing the right time to implement your planning and strategy is the most important factor. If you want to know the right direction and time for implementing your strategy, ask yourself how and when you can better serve your members.

Proper strategy & planning lets you look at your business from a high-level view that provides guidance, focus, strategy, and action. Hope these tips help you to make a proper strategy & planning to increase the revenue of your gym business.

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Why We Love Gym Software (And You Should, Too!)

Do you remember the name and contact details of that guy who wanted to join your health club a month ago? Do you still have that piece of paper where he wrote down his contact details???

Let’s be practical a piece of paper or half washed whiteboard not going to help you in growing your gym business. We know that you want to build a good relationship with your gym members on a personal level and help them in achieving their fitness goals and for that you need a good gym software.

Gym Software

A good gym management software can help you in managing your gym business like a pro. So, today I am going to tell you why we love gym software and you should too.

Gym Software Helps in Business Growth:

In this digital era where mostly everyone is using the internet all around the world, you need to update your business too for regular growth. Gym Software like Igymsoft software is online software which allows you to access all the reports and data of your business online. It comes with an attractive design and powerful dashboard which helps you in connecting with your gym members.

Gym Software Helps in Your Business Promotion:

A good gym management software comes with the functionality of shooting emails and SMS to your customers by a single click and you can actually see their response rate and download the proper report. This feature is quite important when it comes to promotion of your gym business. You can notify your gym members and leads about your gym business current offers and discounts by a single click. The best part is you can do it from anywhere and you don’t need a pc or laptop for that you can access your gym software even by your smartphone.

Gym Software Helps in Managing Your Expenses:

The another awesome feature of a gym software is that you can actually take a close eye on each and every single penny. You can input every expense on your gym management software and you will get a complete report of every expense at the end of the month. The best thing is you don’t need to maintain all the data on any single piece of paper.

Gym Software Help With Easy Membership Registration Process:

A registration process should be user-friendly and easy, so you can convert your lead into a valuable customer. A gym software like Igymsoft provides an easy and user-friendly registration process that helps you in converting your leads into a customer of your gym business.

These are the main 4 reasons why we love gym software for gym business and you should too. If you want to get a free demo of a gym software just go to igymsoft.com and get a few demo.

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9 Advance Way Of How To Get More Members To Your Gym Business

Gyms need to incorporate newer technology and communicate how this will benefit its members.

Today in massively profitable health and fitness industry gym owners face a lot of competition. So, I am going to tell you 9 advance tricks of how to get more members to your gym business. Being a Gym Owner you always want to boost your business growth which may be difficult for you. But it can be made easy for you with the help of some best ways increases your gym customs and gym revenue.

how to get more members

Here I will tell you how to get more members with the 11 advanced ways:


In this technology era building a website and go online is one of the best ways to reach your customers and promote your gym. Having a good website with information about your business, services allows customers to easily contact you and know more about your business.


To get more and more members is the primary concern of the most gym owners. Reaching your targeted audience is never being an easy task for gym owners. Social Media Marketing can help you to boost your business and make a band value of the business with online marketing of the business.,


Through email marketing, you can connect with your audience. Email marketing is an easy way to update your customer with the latest offers and plans of the gym. This can be easily done by iGymsoft which help gym owner to get connects with their customers by regularly updating them. It is the best platform to alert your customers to latest offers, membership plans, and discounts.


Social media is one of the best ways to interact with the customers. Active conversation build Customer satisfaction which is one of the highest motivators for staying with your gym. These customers will also refer your gym to their friends which will add more members to your gym business.


Videos are the most engaging way to target more and more customers. Upload you gym tips with customers online which will add more customers in gym business. In videos talk to your potential client about the right way to do exercise. It is the best medium to convey your knowledgeable thoughts to the right audience.


List your business website on  Google My Business and Bing Places. Google My Business and Bing Places make easy for customers to easily find you and get basic contact information.


Advertise your gym business to promotes globally.The ad is the best way to showcase what your business vision. It helps to increase sales by telling potential customers about your product or service. There are no. of place where you can put your ad online like Google, Facebook. Online advertisement not only creates the right conversion for your gym business but also make a brand awareness. Ad creates to develop a distinctive brand for your business to help you stand out from your competitors.


It is difficult for gym owner to manage the good reputation of the Gym business. Good review and rating will help you gym reputation online. So make a good relationship with your existing customers to get a more good review which also helps to increase your gym members.


To manage large no. of the customer is difficult which may result in loss of you gym customers. Get the best gym management software to handle all your gym actives easily. Gym management software monitors each aspect of your gym business. With the best tool, you can don’t need to worry about maintaining the records manually like an admission of new members, the expiry of the membership and date of renewal for the existing user. It also gives gym customer reminders for the gym monthly payment. Gym management software provides an interactive platform for the users which boost the gym members.

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List Of 21 Gym Membership Management Software

Gym Membership Management Software

“A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team.”

With the growing of gym business, it is hard to manage gym activities.For a gym business, it is important to monitor each aspect of your gym business. Being a gym owner it is not an easy affair to without a proper gym membership management software.

If you are confused which Gym management software is good for your business?Then don’t worry here I provide you the list of best 21 membership management software :

iGymsoft Gym Membership Management Software

Website: http://www.igymsoft.com/

iGymsoft is the best gym, spa and club management software to manage you all gym daily requirements. With iGymsoft manage all of your fitness business from an easy web-based system.It helps you keep records of your members and their memberships with it user-friendly dashboard. iGymsoft helps gym, spa and club owners to monitor scheduling, member management, billing, and reports.

Review: 4.9/5


Website: https://www.glofox.com

Glofox is a gym and studio management solution design to cater the needs of fitness, yoga and pilates studios. Glofox engages gym owners to keep their members engaged and inform them of changes through app notifications and messages.

Review: 4.8/5

Zen Planner

Website: https://info.zenplanner.com

Zen Planner is a member management software for gyms and fitness studio. It includes integrated payment processing to manage the number of active members and includes payment processing, and there are no contracts or startup fees.

Review: 4.8/5

Compete Software

Website: http://info.jonasfitness.com

Compete is a cloud-based club management solution that serves clubs and gyms. The product payment methods for all gym and club members. It helps gym owner with the front desk and back office management and offers an executive dashboard.

Review: 4.7/5

Perfect Gym

Website: http://www.perfectgym.com/

A gym solution for fitness clubs and gym which drives business owner to increase revenue. Tackle your business needs from membership management to reporting.

Review: 4.6/5


Website: https://virtuagym.com

A club management software for health clubs with membership management, scheduling and payment processing. The software isn’t designed for the management only, also coaches and clients.

Review: 4.5/5


Website: https://www.zenoti.com/

Zenoti is a web-based software to manage spas large multicenter chains. All-in-one solution that’s easy to use and manage business results like higher revenue, and more time to focus on your customers.

Review: 4.4/5


Website: http://get.perfectmind.com/

PerfectMind is a cloud-based membership management software solution for all clubs and other member-based businesses. PerfectMind allows clubs to sell online memberships plans for different members and groups.

Review: 4.4/5

eZclub Software

Website: http://www.firebugsoftware.com

A gym management software that allows fitness professional to organize and manage their health clubs and gym centers. It is a completely cloud-based service that can be accessed anytime by any internet-enabled device.

Review: 4.5/5

Club Sentry

Website: http://www.clubsentry.com

Club Sentry is a membership management software solution that offers various features such as member check-ins and check-outs, RFID authentication, member profiling.

Review: 4.4/5


Website: https://www.mindbodyonline.com/

MINDBODY is a cloud-based club management solution designed for the needs of the gym owner. The product is used for gyms, fitness and personal training centers, salons, spas and massage centers, wellness centers, dance schools and yoga studios.

Review: 4.4/5

RhinoFit Software

Website: http://www.rhinofit.ca/

RhinoFit is a cloud-based club management solution for gyms, martial arts studios, and campus fitness centers. It helps users to manage, scheduling, email campaigns, digital waivers and automated notifications.

Review: 4/5

eFit Financial Software

Website: https://www.efitfinancial.com/

A cloud-based fitness and gym management solutio that allows clients to automate tasks and track payments in real time. It offers features of the solution include billing and payment collection, membership management, time and attendance.

Review: 4/5

EZFacility Software

Website: https://www.ezfacility.com/

EZFacility Software lets users manage memberships, schedule personal trainers and generate trainer payroll It provides gym members with online scheduling, registrations, and bill payment.

Review: 4/5

Solaris Fitness Cloud Software

Website: http://solaris-fitness.com/

Solaris Fitness Cloud is a cloud-based fitness club management solution for gyms and clubs. The Key features Solaris Fitness Cloud Software include attendance tracking, business reporting, scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and access control.

Review: 4/5


Website: https://www.fitli.com/

Fitli is a cloud-based club management solution suitable that helps users book appointments, advertise club services and manage classes. Fitli software manages all gym schedules and performs basic tasks.

Review: 3.9/5

Spectrum NG Software

Website: http://www.csisoftwareusa.com

An integrated health and fitness club management solution. It helps gym various features to manage the gym and club operations.

Review: 3.9/5

iGo Figure Software

Website: http://www.igofigure.com/

A Membership and business management solution to record member information manage member activities, automate payment processing, track inventory and build custom reports.

Review: 3.8/5

PULSE Software

Website: http://gymsoftware.com/software/

A cloud-based club management solution for you gyms, fitness centers and spas of all sizes. It includes features like scheduling, reporting, customer relationship management tools, the point of sale lead management, employee management and more.

Review: 3.8/5


Website: https://www.teamsnap.com/

A gym management software app as a team organizing tool for the sports industry. Teamsnap various management statistics to manage your gym.

Review: 3.7/5

Pike13 Software

Website: https://go.pike13.com

A cloud-based client management and scheduling solution that targets health and wellness club to supports scheduling, billing, client management and reporting.

Review: 3.6/5

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7 Myths About Gym Management Software

Myths About Gym Management Software

Have you ever heard the news of “World’s destruction”???

Of Course, you do, so did I. But, we all know that was just a myth. Similar to that we have many myths regarding other stuff. These myths pull us back from the reality and at the end, we realise that we skipped many opportunities to grow just because of those lousy myths.

Doubtful about gym management software can benefit your business?

Like many gym owners of today, you may find yourself stuck behind the myths about the gym management. But there is no need be worry this article will help you to gain a clearer perspective of gym management software:

Here are some common myths about gym management software:

Complicated to implement

In this digital era, there’s a variety of outdated tool software in the market which is complicated to implement.

So, the most popular misconception about gym management software is difficult to implement. Whether you are just started or your already one of the major player gym management system helps you to optimise and manage your business efficiently.

All gym management software are same

It’s true that many gym management systems have same management features. However, the features performance can do varies from system to system.

Some management tools have the highly variable features for your large scale gym business while some other for a small-scale gym.

Hard to learn

The software can be difficult to learn out, especially when you are not tech-friendly. But there are many gym software in the market that focus on being incredibly user-friendly.

It takes little time to learn the software but it is absolutely worthy of your gym business.

Everything is automated and you don’t need to manage

While membership management feature is gym software automates which reduce a lot of manual work and save you a lot of time. It is still important for you to monitor the data input and output and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Gym don’t need a management tool

The lack of knowledge about how to grow your gym into a healthy business leads to failure of your business.

You think that gym management tool is just a waste money and you don’t need a gym tool to handle a certain amount of members for your business.

Wastage of time

Do you think is not a waste of time to manage each gym process.Gym management software is a reliable way to manage your administration time. It helps you to reduce the time and hassle process.

Too Expensive for Business

Out of all the gym equipment, your software will likely be one of the least expensive. You don’t need to invest a lot in gym management system. Gym management software is cheap and affordable software package deliver your business more values.

Misconceptions about the software

People set unrealistic expectations for the software because of the myths. The Success of business requires you to choose the right gym management software. The right software helps in accelerating gym business growth.

Security Issue

People often think that it is not secure to store your data on a cloud or web-based system which is complete rubbish. Gym management tools use a secured database serve to protect and manage your all gym activities.

Now all your misconceptions about gym management software are clear.

So now what are you waiting for? Get a demo of iGymsoft which have all the features to manage your gym and increase your business growth and revenue at an affordable price.

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gym management software

“Management is all about managing in the short term while developing the plans for the long-term”.

For business growth and higher revenue, you need a proper management. While growing a gym business membership base stronger you face a lot of problems.

Here are some problems you face in gym management:

gym management software

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Fear of growing business due to manual processes. It’s important to manage all activities for better consequence for your business. But without any professional to your business, you face difficulty for the growth of a business.


Too much stress for booking management and membership renewal. Manage booking, members call to renew their membership and last minute cancellation leads to too much stress and time utilizing process.


For running a gym you need a timely payment to manage gym equipment. It’s difficult to get paid on time members monthly payment and manage the payment way. It’s hard to remember dates and payment details of the customer.


Hard to communicate with the member for any updates. Informing your gym members about gym updates. For gym owner it difficult to get customer problem and suggestions due to which customer leave gym.


Providing membership is easy but maintaining its manually is difficult. no. of gym face problem holding and accessing all record of their members.

Being the owner of a gym is not an easy to manage everything from fulfilling the basic requirement to manage members. Thus to avoid these tiresome activities you need a proper Gym Management Software. Igymsoft is one of the best gym management software. It is an easy to use, powerful and affordable to consider which saves time. Igymsoft management system offers following features to overcome your stress and make your business an easy going.

Here are some beneficial features of Igymsoft:


Offers quick view of gym modules. Igymsoft provides a flexible feature to optimize your dashboard. Though dashboard it is easy to view total enquiries, manage all registrations, list of total admissions. Provide a platform to stay updated with the progress reports and activities of gym


To manage large no. of gym members without a right resource it is tough. Igymsoft enables membership management in one click. In igymsoft you can create, update and delete your members easily. Records related to admission of new members, the expiry of the membership and date of renewal for the existing user. It gives you reminders for your client’s payment.


With Igymsoft expense management tool, it is easy to track expenses in real time instantly. Keep update record of the payment. It helps to manage expenses by payment records, type and add expense with payment mode and receipt no.


Igymsoft provides a feature of making customer reports and provide a separate access to users whenever they need. It helps you to analyze your budget effectively and allocate your resources accordingly.


Registration section allows users to sign-up easily and stores record of the registered member. It registers new member with complete detail of members. Registration feature helps you to view a complete list of registered members with their information. It reduces your administrative time.


Get alert and update it. Igymsoft management software gives quick alert and updates for follow up queries.Connect you with your members by keeping regular updates and messages. Update your customers about latest offers, membership plans, and discounts.


Gym requires an efficient management to manage the client scheduling. Gym management provides a feature for scheduling of clients. So that it’s easy to get an update on customer scheduling and rescheduling.

Now you know why you need the best gym management software. By keeping track of all these features, you can identify your user requirement, opportunities for growth and areas where you have to modify. For this get a free demo of Igymsoft management software and boost your annual business growth.

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How To Sell More Gym Memberships Fast (5 Step Formula)

how to sell more gym memberships

Make a customer, not a sale.”

Are you tired to hear cold responses from the peoples whom you try to sale gym membership???

Don’t worry you landed in the right place.

Today, I am going to tell you the step by step actionable formula of How to Sell More Gym Memberships. Check out each step I am listing below.

Create Buyer’s Persona:

Before pitching the peoples for joining your gym you need to create right buyer’s persona.  If you will know your customers well then it will be easy to sale. Once you will have right buyer’s persona and pitch them in a right way, you will find a tremendous increment in sales.

You need to create a different type of buyer’s persona according to your target audience. A buyer’s persona will help you to know your customers in a more better way.


What is their interest?

what issues are they facing?

what are their pain points?

Check out the sample of buyer’s persona.

Age: 20-25

Location: Delhi

Gender: Male

Interest: Dancing, Modeling, Clubbing

Problem They are facing: Obesity, Skinny Body, Health issues.

Once you have buyer’s persona, you are ready to move on to the second step.

Providing a Demo Class & Collect The Data:

Provide a free or paid demo class to the people and provide them better service and environment. Promote your demo class session in your targeted area. A free session is a good way to collect leads for your gym.

Before pitching we should listen to the problems of the people.

Like, If they wanna lose body fat or need a muscular body which is a dream of everyone.

Ask the visitors for their feedback. Gather their contact details for further communication.

Identifying The Pain Point:

For a successful pitch, you need to hit on the pain point of your targeted customers. Enlist the problems your target customers are facing.

It can be anything.


Loosing body fat, Gaining Muscles, Getting ride of health disease.

Once you will know their pain points. It will be way easy for you to pitch them in a write way. You need to emphasis on their pain point. Tell them how you can benefit  them and help them in getting rid of  their issue.

Pitch Your Customers in a Smarter Way:

Now, you have buyer’s persona and you know the pain point of your target audience. The next step for you is to pitch them.

But, pitching the peoples one by one is hectic and time-consuming. So, how you going to do that? Well, here comes the Igym software. It’s an online software through which you can manage your gym like a pro. Check out the demo of igym software here.

  • Head over to the igymsoft.com and get this software.Once this software will integrate on your gym website. You will be able to use this amazing software.
  • The second step is to go to the dashboard of Igymsoft.
  • Click on the Information Broadcast Button.
  • Then you will see the option of “SMS/Email” on drop down menu.
  • After that, you will be able to add the data of the peoples you want to pitch.
  • Once you will be done with adding the data of the customers.
  • Send a mail one by one or you can many people in the mail. That’s all depends on you.

That’s it.

You are done with pitching. Make sure you will emphasis on the pain point of those peoples.

Don’t Forget To Take Follow-Ups:

If you will not get enough response, then don’t be hopeless. It happens because people take time in making their decision. Make sure you keep on sending them useful fitness tips. Create awareness about fit lifestyle by your emails.

Send them your special deals and offers on a weekly and monthly basis. It’s easy for you to manage by Igym software’s enquiry feature.


I am sure you are ready to go with these steps and all set to greet your new customers. In this era it’s not about pitching, you need to hit on their pain point for higher conversion rate. If there will be any question or tip you have to feel free to leave on it comment section.

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