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Fitness Business Trends In 2018 You Must Know | Igymsoft

As a gym owner, you always want your business growth like a skyrocket but are you doing the right thing that increases your gym growth. For higher revenue be sure you take advantage of these fitness trends before your rivals. Here in this article, you will get to know the fitness trends your rivals will take advantage :

Rise the instant booking

Instant Booking is a unique way you can find in a gym management software which makes easy to access your every customer. Instant booking helps the gym customers to easily book their class and appointment online with any hassle. You may also liberate your booking and payment engine from your website by sharing your business on social platforms such as SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with ease. Allow your customers to book and pay for the class directly through social media platform without trouble.

Igymsoft software provides you an amazing feature that simply adds your member’s profile or embedding your website integration anywhere you’d like your class booking schedule or classes to be displayed.

Switch to an engagement business model

Gym or club fitness spaces are implementing a completely different business model for their business. They operate an Engagement Business Model for a higher growth. With the limited capacity in the gym its a lot of difficult to optimizing value and getting those high-value members super engaged. With the right membership management software, you can have insight what you need to charge for services, attract and retain more valuable clients. Most of the gym owner charge more for their services because they can offer a better experience to their customers, by delivering more value to their customers.

Personalized you gym member experience

Personalize your gum member experience with new technology with unique ways to create more loyal and engaged members. Here are some tips by which you can personalize your member experience:

1.By Sending Push Message

Push messages are the short notification send by mobile app to the home screen of mobile. It a great way to bring your user back and book a class or take advantage of an offer.

2.By Automated Emails

Engage you gym customers with your gym update by automated email at right time with the right message.

You can find all these features in all in one gym management software. So what are you waiting for get a demo now.

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