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Cheapest Gym Management Software in India

A Gym Management Software assists in dues collection, member check-in, reporting, scheduling, and other manual chores. The software enables you to keep member information in a centralized database, making it easier to manage and update member data, add, scan, or delete invoices, and send personalized offers to former clients, among other things. Are you looking for the Cheapest Gym Management Software for your gym or fitness center that is best as well? Then let me present you to Igymsoft Software, it is the top and Cheapest Gym Management Software in India, a one-stop solution for all your needs.

You’ve probably dealt with inventory delays, never-ending paperwork, payments, and so on. That has now changed, thanks to technological advancements. You no longer have to rely on your memory or accounting records to run your gym or fitness club. This is what the best gym management software on the market does for the owners. Igymsoft Software act as virtual assistants, keeping all administrative data in order and all records up to date.

Introduction to Igymsoft Software

Igymsoft Software was founded by Intouch Group in 2009. It is the Cheapest Gym Management Software in India. Its goal is to deliver exceptional value and service. Igymsoft Software has built a strong IT support relationship with its customers and has consistently expanded its business.

Fitness practitioners may use this all-in-one software to measure, develop, and achieve their business goals. It’s an online dedicated gym and fitness center management solution that includes everything a business owner may want. Igymsoft is the simple and Cheapest Gym Software designed to meet all of your demands. It will get you where you need to go, whether you have a gym, a yoga studio, or want to increase your internet sales.

Features of Igymsoft Software

Some of its features include:

Interactive UI Dashboard – It offers an Interactive User Interface Dashboard, one of Igymsoft Gym Management Software’s most important features. In the Main Box of the software, there is a Dashboard that allows you to quickly view a multitude of general GYM data.

Expense Management – It allows you to track all of your costs in real-time online.

Master Management – With the Igymsoft Masters Tool, you can keep track of everything without exerting too much effort. It allows you full control over your packages and branches, as well as the ability to build and send SMS/mail, among other things.

Reports Management – Reports are an essential part of this program. Reports help you allocate resources, budget effectively, and assess success. All of your reports can be saved and organized in Igymsoft so that you can access them whenever you need them.

Membership Management – This section contains information about each client’s registration, timings, package, presence, renewals, Cheque Information, SMS/Mail, status (inactive/active), Schedule Card, Freeze Member, and more.

Customer replica search management – Every organization has a lot of information that is difficult to remember for a long time, especially when it changes daily. As a result, the individual imagines having tools to learn these things and remind him of them.

Keep track of daily queries – this area allows you to track down those who have previously inquired.

Registration Management – Customers may simply sign up in the Registration area, and you can also search for a specific record of a health club member.

Benefits of Igymsoft Software

Cost-effective –  The Igymsoft software has a number of features that help you save money. Finding the proper technology can not only save your paperwork and manual data entry, but it will also lower your organization’s costs and boost its efficiency. This software will help you run your gym more efficiently by removing time-consuming paperwork and manual data entry. Igymsoft is powerful, best web-based, and Cheapest Gym Management Software that reduces overheads and is simple to use.

Helps to save your time – You’ll be able to focus more on your customers and class programming with the Igymsoft software, and less on administration. Administration time is saved with Igymsoft Software. You can save time by using this software to process registrations. The consumer will not feel as if any manual work has just begun because online registration is easy on this software. When people register, the fully automated system will send them an email with their receipt and invoice.

Helps to boost your revenue – Igymsoft Software helps gyms and fitness clubs make more money. One method is to increase the number of members who sign up, thereby raising the amount of initiation and monthly fees collected. The other option is to boost each existing member’s spending.

Your members can log in to their accounts to schedule, purchase, and check class schedules. Igymsoft software simplifies financial reporting by keeping track of everything from billing, payment, and daily cash balances to registration attendance and trends, allowing you to generate reports fast and modify programming to maximize participation and efficiency.

Customer support & satisfaction- Clients of Igymsoft Software can expand their enterprises in practically every major industry. For gyms that do not have the latest technology for tracking and analyzing consumer behavior, keeping the top customers could be a difficult task. They provide 24×7 customer support. Customers are fully satisfied by Igymsoft Software’s Mobile App for Gyms.

Choose Igymsoft as your gym management software and see how it helps you revolutionize your company.


Igymsoft Software is the appropriate choice for you to make your everyday work easier and produce a positive impact on your consumers. This all-in-one tool aids you in your job by allowing you to keep track of memberships, product sales, build various exercise packages and services, schedule and book appointments, send email messages to members, and many other things. It is the Cheapest Gym Management Software which will assist you in all your company’s needs.

Igymsoft is a piece of software that allows you to run your gym, fitness center, martial arts school, health club, yoga studio, dance school, or any other type of sports club. If you are thinking to buy Igymsoft software, you can visit their site and request a demo to get a feel of the UI before choosing it.

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